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We offer a choice of three denture qualities:


This denture offers an alternative to the conventional denture, which is considered a removable, loose appliance. Implants are very stable, safe and comfortable. They hold and secure the denture in the mouth, resulting in the most natural feel possible. The procedure is quite simple, affordable, and has predictable success. Call our office 989-754-8150 for a free implant denture consultation.



No two persons are identical and therefore no two smiles are alike. In the making of an individualized denture, careful analysis is made of the physical appearance of the face, including size, shape and contour. We take into consideration hair color, eyes and complexion. Putting these together, we can select the proper tooth and arrangement for the most natural look. We use the finest materials and workmanship in this denture. The qualities are: 1. Superior grade natural looking teeth. 2. Highest strength gum base with characterized gums and teeth. 3. One year adjustments included at no charge.



1. High grade hardened acrylic teeth. 2. High impact characterized gum base.  3. Six months adjustments included at no cost.



can be constructed in ONE DAY ,  or in two or three visits, depending on the scheduling and the circumstances involved.



Premium (metal framework); Cosmetic (non-metal Valplast flexible acrylic). Six months adjustments are included.



can, in most cases, be done while you wait or within two hours. In some cases partial denture repairs may take longer. There is a separate fee for relining new dentures after six months.



can be provided for many people who do not wish to be without their teeth for a short period of time. Extractions are done either in our office or we will work with an oral surgeon, whichever accomplishes the best service for you.



may sometimes be necessary. Please contact us and we will be happy to correct any problems for you. We want to maintain the service and quality you expect, and above all, the trust you have given us.